Interactions 2

1. Judul Buku : Interactions 2 Listening / Speaking
2. Pengarang : Judith Tanka dan Lida R.Baker ( University of California, Los Angeles )
3. Penerbit : Mc Graw Hill International Edition
4. Tahun Terbit : 2002
5. Printed : in Singapore
6. Kota Terbit : North America
7. ISBN : 0-07-120386-9
8. Tebal Halaman : 352 Halaman

List Of Contens ( Daftar Isi)
Chapter 1 Education and Student Life
Chapter 2 City Life
Chapter 3 Business and Money
Chapter 4 Jobs and Professions
Chapter 5 Lifestyles Around the World
Chapter 6 Global Connections
Chapter 7 Language and Communication
Chapter 8 Tastes and Preferences
Chapter 9 New Frontiers
Chapter 10 Medicine,Myths and Magic
Chapter 11 The Media
Chapter 12 With Liberty and Justice for All

Setiap BAB di Dalam buku ini proses mendengarkan dilakukan dengan beberapa tahapan yaitu :
1. Listening for main ideas
2. Listening for specific information
3. Indentifiying stressed words and reductions
4. Getting meaning from context
5. Drawing inferences

Chapter 1 Education and Student Life

Part 1 Listening to Conversations
1. Prelistening Questions. Discuss these questions with your classmates
2. Vocabolary Preview. These sentences contain expressions from the conversations. Use the context to match the undelined words and expressions words their definitions.
3. Listening for Main Ideas. In here student given conversations and after in listen for student,they give main Ideas from it conversations.
4. Listening for Stressed Words.Reductions (in spoken English,words that are not stressed are often shortened,or “reduced” for example”could you tell me where Campell Hall is?”changes to”Cudja tell me where Campell Hall is?” listen to the difference.
5. Comparing Long and reduced Forms. The sentences on the left side are from the conversations. They contain reduced forms. Listen and repeat them after the speaker. Note : You will hear the reduced forms only.
6. Listening for Reductions. Listen to the following conversations between an international student and a school office assistant. You’ll hear the recuded forms of some words. Write the long forms in the blanks.

Chapter 2 City Life

Listening to Lectures
1. Taking Notes on Statistic “Statistic” are numbers that give facts about a situation. Often,statistic are expressed as a percentage or fraction; for example,”Thirty percent of the students in our class are men”or” I spend one fourth of my salary on rent”statistics arre very common in lectures. The following terms appear frequently.

2. Transitions”connection words” are words and phrases that connect the parts of a speech or composition. There are usually transition between the major sections of a talk. In addition,we also use transitions to connect detail within each main section. For example : “I came here toninght to give you some simple suggestions that will make it harder for bulglars to break in to your homes. So let’s get started. First of All,let’s talk about lights outside your house….”


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